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Work together, trust no one! Get ready for a night of burger flipping and zombie slaying in A Night In Omar's Burger! With waves of undead attackers and a traitor in your midst, can you and your friends survive until morning? Fight for your survival in this 4-8 person multiplayer game.

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about game

A Night in Omar's Burger is a unique and exciting cooperative game set in a burger restaurant during a zombie apocalypse. Work together with friends to survive the night and identify the traitor in your group. With weapons at your disposal, defend the restaurant and make it until morning



  • Work together with other players to defend Omar's Burger from the zombie horde. 

  • Buy weapons, ammunition and keep an eye out for the traitor among you.


  • Sabotage the survivors' efforts to defend the restaurant without revealing your true identity. 

  • Steal weapons, poison foods , cut power, blame others, and be the last one standing at the end of the game.



  • As a waiter, your job is to take customers' orders and serve their food.

  • You have to clean trays, prepare drinks, and communicating customers order to the chefs.


  • As a chef, your job is to prepare burgers and other food items to order.

  • You have to cook burgers, fry potatoes and make burgers.


  • A unique blend of survival, strategy, and social deduction gameplay

  • Play as a survivor or a traitor, each with their own objectives and gameplay mechanics

  • Defend Omar's Burger from hordes of zombies that attack at night

  • Serve as a chef or a waiter 

  • Buy weapons and ammunition to defend the restaurant as a survivor

  • Work together with other players to uncover the identity of the traitor and root out their sabotage

  • Use in-game voice chat to communicate with other players and coordinate your efforts

  • Online multiplayer support for up to 8 players.

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